Play Dodgeball with Adrenaline Sports! We use 7 and 8 inch foam dodgeballs that fly great yet do not sting. All we require is a suitable gym, tennis court, or other similar play area to get setup. Also great for after school enrichment programs!


In standard Dodgeball, players are eliminated if tagged from the shoulder down, their ball is caught, or they are tagged from a ricochet off another player. We play a variety of game types depending on the playing environment, number of participants, and the age of the participants.


Classic Dodgeball

Players are eliminated if tagged and proceed to the penalty box and wait for a catch to bring them back in or they can wait for a periodic jailbreak.



Classic Dodgeball with an instant victory for the team that makes a basket with a specific ball, but if the other team catches the ball that made the hoop, it doesn’t count.


Infection Game

Regular players on one side, 2-3 infected players on the other. As regular players get eliminated, they join the infected team. As infected players get eliminated, they wait in the penalty box until an infected player catches a ball.


Last Team Standing

Two or more teams and a set amount of lives. The last team standing wins. Can also be set for last person standing.



Players sit when tagged out waiting for their medic to touch them back in. Just don’t let the medic get tagged out!


No Borders

Players are separated into 2-4 teams, each team is given one ball, no center line, and the last team standing wins.


Bowling Pins

Don’t let the bowling pins get knocked over!


Poison Ball

The team with the poison ball at the end of game time loses.

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