Adrenaline Sports offers Dodgeball as an after-school enrichment program for K-2nd grade and 3-5th grade. Programs differ by individual PTSA schedules and requirements, however, each session is one hour per class, once per week, for 5-10 weeks.


We use Four Core Rules of Dodgeball to maintain a fun environment for everyone. These rules are reviewed at the beginning of each class:


  1. Respect.
  2. You are in charge of you. (We don't call others out.)
  3. No head-shots.
  4. Have Fun!


We use foam dodgeballs and play a variety of Dodgeball games to keep the class entertaining and fun! Our most popular games are Regular Dodgeball, Medic, and Protect the Bowling Pins. The rules to each game are explained every class to ensure that students understand and play by the rules. Class is limited to 20-26 students depending on the available gym size.


We ask that one PTSA member volunteer each class to check students in/out and help keep track of students taking water or bathroom breaks. PTSA members are more likely to know the students, the student's parents, and the person(s) picking up the students. The PTSA member is not needed to help run the games and is offered a free student registration for the session.

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