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Laser tag with Adrenaline Sports is unlike any other laser tag experience! The gameplay merges the physical excitement of paintball with the electronic features of video games allowing team objectives such as Capture The Flag, VIP, King Of The Hill, or players can invent their own game. Some of our adjustable features include:


>  Range

>  Reload Time

>  Number of Magazines

>  Magazine Size

>  Hit Points

>  Rate of Fire

>  Damage per Hit

>  Number of Teams

>  Friendly Fire (On/Off)


We can make these changes on-the-fly fitting several game types into a single event. Our equipment allows us to change the settings in just one tagger or all of the taggers allowing players to have different strengths and weaknesses during a game.


Most games are about 10-15 minutes in length and include respawning so players get to play for the full amount of time. When a player runs out of hit-points, they proceed to their base to respawn back into the game. Of course, players can also elect to play Last Team Standing games with a limited amount of respawning if they like. Here are the games we play frequently (just keep in mind not all games can be played in all environments).



One player on each team possesses increased life, shields, damage, etc. and the other teams are out to find that player while defending their own Captain.


Capture the Flag

Each team gets a flag to defend. Try to make it back to base with the other team's flag without getting eliminated for the win. Flags are electronic so several players can be a flag carrier at the same time.



One very powerful player against everyone else. The player that takes down the Juggernaught gets to be the next Juggernaught. The Juggernaught that lasts the longest wins.


King Of The Hill

Both teams try to control a center location longer than the other team or 2 out of 3 locations depending on the playing field.


Last Team Standing

Two or more teams and a set amount of lives. The last team standing wins. Can also be set for last person standing with Friendly Fire On.



Just like the Captains game, but the chosen player can heal other players. Look out, the Medic cannot heal themselves!



A tank crew is stranded behind enemy lines and needs to be escorted to a landing zone.



Everyone is a sniper with increased reload time, one round per magazine, and delivers 100% damage. Make that one shot count!


Team of 2

Players are divided into teams of 2 consisting of one Sniper class and one Assault class player. The last surviving team wins.

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